Joining Information

Welcome to NIU Supermileage!

NIU Supermileage is always open to new members! We accept all current students at NIU, regardless of major. Our team is broken up into two main categories, Design and Electrical work. Absolutely no experience is necessary to join. On the design side we'll teach about 3D design, design for manufacturing, and provide experience in making parts. On the electrical side we focus on custom PCB board design, motor controllers, telemetry systems, programming, and more! Stop by our Still Gym workspace to get started!


We are happy to announce we have finalized meeting times for the 2023 spring semester! Meetings will be held in Still Gym every Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm!

Additional: Parking outside Still Gym is not restricted after 5pm


Still Gym Metrology Lab

315 Gilbert Drive

DeKalb, IL 60115