Internal Combustion Prototype

Huskie Rocket

Throughout our 14 year history we have strived to make our combustion vehicle as efficient as possible. Our record of 1,888 MPG was achieved at SAE International Supermileage in 2018.

We managed to achieve this in part to a customized Briggs and Stratton 802 Junior engine, light weight aluminum framing, and an incredibly aerodynamic body design.

The Next Steps

With the conclusion of the SAE International competition, we immediately began planning for the future. While we are converting to run a battery-electric vehicle at the Shell Eco-Marathon, we are not calling it quits on our internal combustion vehicle. Throughout the next several years we will be building an internal combustion prototype vehicle to compete with at the Shell Eco-Marathon. This vehicle will use the same award winning engine as our prototype, and usher in our return to gas vehicles.